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How to change the location or to rename the 'DBRResources' folder with Dynamsoft Barcode Reader JavaScript SDK


For customers who are using Dynamsoft Barcode Reader JavaScript SDK, to change the location of the 'DBRResources' folder, or to rename it, please follow the steps below:


Say the original DBRResources folder is at '../{Project Directory}/DBRResources', and you want to change it to '../{Project Directory}/Newfolder/DBRResourcesTest'.
  1. Please make sure the structure inside 'DBRResources' folder stay unchanged.
  2. Change the relative path in your page where you reference to the js files, for example:

    <script src="DBRResources/dynamsoft.barcodereader.config.js"></script>
    <script src="DBRResources/dynamsoft.barcodereader.initiate.js"></script>
    // or your own operation js file
    <script src="Scripts/script.js"></script>

    Modify as below:

    <script src="Newfolder/DBRResourcesTest/dynamsoft.barcodereader.config.js"></script>
    <script src="Newfolder/DBRResourcesTest/dynamsoft.barcodereader.initiate.js"></script>
    // or your own operation js file
    <script src="Scripts/script.js"></script>

  3. Same change needs to be done in dynamsoft.barcodereader.config.js file. Change 'DBRResources' (to 'New folder/DBRResourcesTest' as in this case):

    dynamsoft.dbrEnv.resourcesPath = 'DBRResources';

    Modify as below:

    dynamsoft.dbrEnv.resourcesPath = 'Newfolder/DBRResourcesTest';

You are all set now. If you still have trouble with the resourcesPath, please contact us via support[at]

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8th of May, 2017

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