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Can I add a Windows user to my TFS account?

To achieve this, kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Open Visual Studio and go to Team -> Team Project Collection Settings -> Group Membership;

  2. Security page will be activated on browser. If no, please click the link below to open it;

  3. Select Project Collection Build Service Accounts in TFS Groups, and navigate to Add -> Add Windows user and group;

  4. Add user;
Yes. To achieve this, kindly follow the steps below:

1. Please open Visual Studio and go to Team -> Team Project Collection Settings, and then click Group Membership;

2. In the dialog box, select a group from the list and click Properties;

3. Check Windows User or Group and then click Add;

4. Click Advanced;

 Click Find Now. Highlight the user you want to add and click OK;

6. If you encounter the error message shown below, please verify if you have added a new user with the same user name in the Web Portal:

7. Click OK;

8. In the Team Foundation Server Group Properties dialog box, you will find the new user is successfully added. Then click OK.

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2nd of September, 2012

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