How to migrate from SourceAnywhere to SCM Anywhere?

There are 2 ways to migrate from SourceAnywhere to SCM Anywhere.

A) You can do the migration by yourself following the procedures below:

1. Sign up a SCM Anywhere Hosted account here.

2. Get the latest version of your files from SourceAnywhere to your local machine.

3. Add the local files to SCM Anywhere Hosted.

1. You will lose all the file history records. Only the latest version will be kept.

2. We will keep your SourceAnywhere Hosted account for a period of time, so that you can log in to get the data. We reserve the right to close your SourceAnywhere account afterwards.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at

B) The other way is that we do the migration for you. In this way, your history records will be kept. A small fee will apply. You can follow the steps below to do the migration:

1. Sign in the web portal as Admin:

2. In the left panel, locate the SCM Anywhere Hosted->SCM Signup page, and sign up a SCM Anywhere plan according to your needs.

3. After sign up, an email with the activation link will be sent to your email address specified in Account Profile.

4. Click the link to activate your SCM Anywhere account.

5. Verify the following things:

  • There are no pinned items in your repositories.
  • There are no checked out items in your repositories.
  • All the length of the item names in your repositories is shorter than 384 characters.
  • The database is not encrypted.
  • No repository is in use.

6. Email us with the following info: your account ID and Your schedule to do the migration.

If you are interested in the second way, please contact us at