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Error Message: No dispatch server can be connected.

When you connect to SCM Anywhere Hosted Server, the following dialog box may pop up:

1. The network connection goes down.

2. Port 80/443 is blocked by your PC firewall, router firewall, proxy agent, and etc.

3. SCM Anywhere Hosted Client is blocked by your PC firewall, router firewall, proxy agent, and etc.

4. The DNS server configured in Internet Protocol Properties is not working.

5. Other causes may be found in the detailed error logs, which are under C:\Users\<username>\Dynamsoft\SCM Anywhere Hosted\logs or C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Dynamsoft\SCM Anywhere Hosted\logs.

1. Please make sure your network is stable.

2. Please try connecting to SCM Anywhere Hosted through SSL. You can check Use SSL in the Connect to Server dialog box to see if it helps.

3. Please try via browser.

If the connection to the URL is fine, please make sure no firewall is blocking SCM Anywhere Hosted Client.
If the connection fails, please check your firewall configuration to make sure port 80/443 and ips 72.15.153.*are not blocked. Also, make sure your DNS server is working fine.

4. If the issue persists, please send the log file to

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23rd of May, 2011

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