How to move SourceAnywhere server to another machine?

To move SourceAnywhere server to another machine without losing the configuration info, please follow the steps below:

  • Stop SourceAnywhere Service.

  • Backup the sawsconfigure.ini file in the installation directory of SourceAnywhere Server.

  • Install SourceAnywhere Server on the new server machine.

    During the installation, please connect to the SQL Server where your current "SourceAnywhere" database resides.

    After successfully connecting to SQL Server, a dialog box pops up, asking you whether to make SourceAnywhere Server use the current "SourceAnywhere" database. Please click "Yes" in the following dialog.

  • Copy the .ini file to the new machine, and replace "sawsconfigure.ini" file in the SourceAnywhere Server installation folder with it.

  • Move the license to the new SourceAnywhere Server.

  • Uninstall SourceAnywhere Server on the old server.