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  1. questionWhere can I get your resellers’ information?
    You can find our resellers' information here: You can also purchase by placing an order online at:
  2. questionHow to tell if we are using trial or permanent licenses?
    You can find the information through the License Type column in Server Manager->Serial Numbers window:
  3. questionHow the licensing structure of SourceAnywhere for VSS is set up?
    SourceAnywhere for VSS uses Named User license model. It is licensed on a per user basis. Each active user in the Server Manager takes one license. For more information, see
  4. questionCan we buy a single user license?
    Yes, of course. To purchase, you can place an order online at:
  5. questionDoes the Admin user take one license?
    Yes, Admin takes a license. However, you can grant Administrator right to another user and then deactivate Admin. For information on how to manage users in SourceAnywhere for VSS, please refer to:
  6. questionIs there an additional cost for Cache Server?
    No. SourceAnywhere for VSS is licensed on a per user basis. There is no additional cost for Cache Server. Click here to get more pricing information of SourceAnywhere for VSS.
  7. questionWe need SourceAnywhere for VSS Professional Edition, but we purchased the Standard Edition by mistake. What should we do?
    We provide upgrade to SourceAnywhere for VSS Professional Edition from the same version of Standard Edition. You can purchase the upgrade at SourceAnywhere for VSS purchase page:
  8. questionIs the price for SourceAnywhere for VSS an annual price or a one time fee?
    It is a one time fee. For details on the SourceAnywhere for VSS pricing, please refer to:
  9. questionIf I purchase a license, will the server and client software be included in the price?
    Yes. SourceAnywhere for VSS is licensed on a per user basis. Every active user specified in the Sever Manager takes one license: All the software of SourceAnywhere for VSS, including Server, Client, Cache Server, Eclipse plug-in, SDK etc are includ ...
  10. questionDo we need proportional number of Visual SourceSafe licenses from Microsoft to use SourceAnywhere for VSS?
    Yes. To use SourceAnywhere for VSS, you must be a licensed user of Microsoft Visual SourceSafe. Please refer to the Microsoft Visual SourceSafe license agreement for specific details. However, if you already have a VSS license, you do not need an additional VSS license to use SourceAnywhere for ...
  11. questionCan I use one SourceAnywhere for VSS serial number on more than one SourceAnywhere for VSS server?
    No. One SourceAnywhere for VSS serial number can be applied on only one SourceAnywhere for VSS server, even if the users on different SourceAnywhere for VSS servers are actually the same users.
  12. questionIf I already have licenses, can I add more licenses later when I need it?
    Yes. You can purchase additional licenses and add them in Server Manager. For information about how to input the serial number, please click here. For example, you purchased a 5-user serial number and now you need to add 2 additional licenses. In this case, you can purchase another 2-user serial ...
  13. questionWhere should I input the serial number?
    SourceAnywhere for VSS licensing is configured exclusively on the server-side from the Serial Numbers page of Server Manager, as seen in the following figure: