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  1. questionIs the "admin" account counted as one user?
    Yes, Admin is counted as one user. However, if you don't want to use Admin, you can assign any other users to take over the administrative rights, and then deactivate Admin. To deactivate Admin, please follow steps below: Log in SourceAnywhere Server Manager as Admin. In left panel tree, click ...
  2. questionCan I put several serial numbers in the same SourceAnywhere server?
    Yes. For example, you purchased a serial number with 5 licenses first, and then another one with 3 licenses. If you put the 2 serial numbers in a SourceAnywhere server, you will get 8 licenses in total, and 8 users can access the server at the same time.
  3. questionHow is SourceAnywhere licensed?
    SourceAnywhere is licensed on a per user basis (not by concurrent users). For example, if you have three people who use Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere, you need to purchase three licenses: one license for each people. Each user may install SourceAnywhere Client on multiple machines as needed and acces ...
  4. questionIs SourceAnywhere Standalone free for a single user?
    Yes. After the 30-day trial license expires, the user Admin can continue using SourceAnywhere Standalone without any limitation.
  5. questionDoes the cache server need licenses?
    No. When you have purchased SourceAnywhere Standalone, the cache server is included and does not take a license.
  6. questionCan I install the SourceAnywhere client on several PCs?
    Yes. SourceAnywhere is licensed on a per user basis. Each user may install the SourceAnywhere client on multiple machines as needed and access SourceAnywhere server from multiple clients at the same time.
  7. questionWhat is included in the subscription?
    Subscription includes updates and support.
  8. questionDoes SourceAnywhere server need licenses?
    No. SourceAnywhere is licensed on a per user basis. The server does not take any license.
  9. questionHow much do I need to pay for upgrades?
    We provide free upgrade from version 2.x to version 2.x. And if you purchase yearly subscription, you can get free upgrade. For other upgrade options, please purchase the upgrade at SourceAnywhere Standalone purchase page:
  10. questionCan SourceHero licenses be used in SourceAnywhere Standalone?
    No. The licenses of SourceHero and SourceAnywhere Standalone are not compatible. You need to upgrade your licenses. To upgrade, you can place an order on this page: