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  1. questionHow to get CruiseControl .Net work with SourceAnywhere?
    To get CruiseControl .Net work with SourceAnywhere, please follow the following steps: Install SourceAnywhere 6.x COM SDK (5.34MB). Download SourceAnywhere 6.x Plug-in for CruiseControl.NET and unzip it into the CruiseControl.NET server directory. Edit the ccnet.config file in the CruiseCont ...
  2. questionHow can I get the latest version of files from SourceAnywhere automatically when someone checks in a file?
    You can install CruiseControl.NET Plug-in to integrate with CruiseControl.NET. With the integration, it can detect the changes and get the latest version of files from SourceAnywhere automatically. To download SourceAnywhere Plug-in for CruiseControl.NET, please click here.