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  1. questionHow to use SourceAnywhere COM SDK in C++
    This article introduces how to integrate SourceAnywhere SDK into a C++ application. Please follow steps below to learn how-to. Create a Dialog based MFC project In Visual Studio, create a Dialog based MFC prject and generate user interface like below. Import SDK Add a line to import the SDK ...
  2. questionHow to update file property from Binary to Mergeable Type in batches?
    As you may know, Mergeable file type is defined in SourceAnywhere Hosted Server Manager: There may be some file types that are not included in Server Manager's mergeable file type list ...
  3. questionUsing SVN with SourceAnywhere Hosted
    SourceAnywhere Hosted provides multiple type of clients (e.g. Windows/Java GUI Client, VS Integration, Eclipse, Dreamweaver plugins, Command Line, SDKS) to meet the different needs of our customers. However, we get requests on how to use SourceAnywhere with enviroments like Windows Explorer, XC ...
  4. questionHow to check out a file using SourceAnywhere Hosted COM SDK?
    In this article, we take a C# Project as example. 1. Install SourceAnywhere Hosted COM SDK on your machine. 2. Add “SAWHSDK.dll” to the project. In Visual Studio, click menu Project | Add Reference | Browse, browse to the installation folder of SourceAnywhere Hosted COM SDK, se ...