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  1. questionHow to upgrade to SourceAnywhere Hosted 6 ?
    Please follow the steps below: 1. Download SourceAnywhere Hosted 6. Here is the link: 2. Make sure no repository is in use. 3. Running the installation program of SourceAnywhere Hosted 6 will upgrade your SourceAnywhere Hosted automatica ...
  2. questionHow to migrate from SourceAnywhere to SCM Anywhere?
    There are 2 ways to migrate from SourceAnywhere to SCM Anywhere. A) You can do the migration by yourself following the procedures below: 1. Sign up a SCM Anywhere Hosted account here. 2. Get the latest version of your files from SourceAnywhere to your local machine. 3. Add the local files to S ...
  3. questionHow to upgrade from Free Plan to another plan?
    To upgrade from Free Plan to another plan, please follow steps below: Visit the following page to check all the available SourceAnywhere Hosted hosting plans: Open, and log in as Admin ...
  4. questionWhat is the system requirement to run SourceAnywhere Hosted?
    For information about the system requirement of SourceAnywhere Hosted, please refer to: