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  1. questionThe total size of files to add, get, check in/out exceeds the maximum allowed size
    Symptom: When you perform operation on many files at one time, you might get the error that says one of the following: The total size of files to add exceeds the maximum allowed The total size of files to get exceeds the maximum allowed The total size of files to check in exceeds the maximum all ...
  2. questionHow to reset the password of the SourceAnywhere Hosted Admin account?
    To reset the password of SourceAnywhere Hosted Admin account, please follow steps below: 1.Log in your web portal via the following page: (If you forget the password of your web portal, you can retrieve it via the following page: https:// ...
  3. questionError message: Socket is closed by Server.
    Symptoms You may get the error when you try to check in or add files. Cause & Resolution It might be the firewall issue. Please make sure that the port (80 or 443) and the IPs (72.15.153.*) are not blocked by your PC firewall, router firewall, proxy agent, and etc. Unstable network can cause ...
  4. questionWarning: only one organization ID of free plan can be used to login the server per machine.
    If you are using a free plan of SourceAnywhere Hosted, and try to log in the hosted server, you may encounter the following warning message: Cause:Only one SourceAnywhere Hosted free plan account is allowed to log into the server per machine. Resolution: Please go to "Registry Editor -> H ...
  5. questionIf I forget my web portal password, what should I do?
    You can reset your password via the following page:
  6. questionError Message: Account "name" is locked now.
    Symptoms: When you try logging into SourceAnywhere Hosted, you may get the following error message: Cause: Your Administrator set a password policy on unsuccessful login attempts. The unsuccessful login attempts box can be found at "Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted Server Manager -> Password ...