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  1. questionHow to pay the invoices of my Hosted account?
    First, check the outstanding balance of your SourceAnywhere Hosted account: Then, You can choose one of the following ways to pay your bills: 1) ( Recommended ) Update the credit card information related ...
  2. questionHow much is the additional database space?
    Extra space is available for all paying plans. The price of the extra space is $ 3/GB/Month or $ 30/GB/Year.
  3. questionHow to view the outstanding balance of my account?
    To see your outstanding balance, please follow steps below: 1). Log onto our service portal at: 2). In the left menu bar, please click Billing Info tab to view up-to-date payments and outstanding balance. You can click on the links under Bi ...
  4. questionHow to cancel SourceAnywhere Hosted service?
    To¬ cancel SourceAnywhere Hosted service, please follow these steps below: Log in the user portal here. (You can click 'forgot my password' to retrieve your password if you forgot it.) In the left menu bar, click SourceAnywhere (SAW) Hosted -> User Number / Space Management tab. Click Cl ...
  5. questionHow to change the billing type from Monthly to Yearly?
    Please follow the steps below to change the billing type from Monthly to Yearly: 1. Open, and log in. 2. In the left menu bar, click Manage Number of Users or Space Size as seen in the following screenshot. Select Number of Users on Yearly ...
  6. questionIs free technical support included in the Hosting Plans? Or do we need to pay for it?
    Yes, free technical support is included. You can contact us via: 1. Email: or 2. LiveHelp: 3. Telephone: 1-877-605-5491 (Toll-free) 1-604-605-5491 Also, SourceAnywhere Hosted provides a free tech support ticket system for ...
  7. questionHow can I change the email address and other SourceAnywhere Hosted account info?
    You can change the account info by doing follows: Open, and log in. In the left menu bar, click Profile, and change the account info in your account profile, as seen in the following screenshot: Click Billing Info tab and change the bil ...
  8. questionCan I install the SourceAnywhere Hosted client on several PCs?
    Yes. SourceAnywhere Hosted is licensed on a per user basis. Each user may install the SourceAnywhere Hosted client on multiple machines as needed and access SourceAnywhere Hosted server from multiple clients at the same time.
  9. questionDo we need to pay for SourceAnywhere Hosted Cache Server if we want to install it?
    No. When you have purchased SourceAnywhere Hosted, the cache server is included for no extra charge.