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  1. questionHow to cancel the SCM Anywhere Hosted service?
    To cancel SCM Anywhere Hosted service, please follow these steps below: Log in the user portal here. (You can click 'forgot my password' to retrieve your password if you forgot it.) In the left menu bar, click SCM Anywhere Hosted -> User Number/Space Management tab. Cli ...
  2. questionHow to increase/reduce user number for my SCM Anywhere Hosted account?
    To increase/reduce the user number in your account, please follow the steps below: 1. Log in the hosted web portal as admin: 2. In the left pane, locate SCM Anywhere Hosted->Manage Number of Users or Space Size, and then click the link un ...
  3. questionHow can I change the billing contact for my account?
    You can change the email address of your account by doing follows: Open, and log in. Click Billing Info tab and change the billing email address, as seen in the following screenshot:
  4. questionHow to pay the SCM Anywhere Hosted bills?
    SCM Anywhere Hosted product is retired.