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Why is the browser prompting me to install Dynamsoft Service repeatedly?


A user has already installed the DynamsoftService on the machine, but the browser continues to prompt the user to download and install it.


  1. The DynamsoftService is not installed properly.
  2. The local service for Dynamsoft Service is not started.
  3. The service is blocked by another software, like an anti-virus software.


  1. Check the path C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Dynamsoft\DynamsoftService (for 64-bit machine) or C:\Windows\system32\Dynamsoft\DynamsoftService (for 32-bit machine) and make sure you have files like DynamsoftService.exe and DynamicSocket.dll, etc.
  2. Check Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services and make sure Dynamsoft Service is listed and Running.
  3. Check your anti-virus software or any other software that can block local ports and make sure the ports 18625, 18626(SSL), 18993 and 18994(SSL) are not blocked.
  4. Delete the DSConfiguration.ini file and restart Dynamsoft Service. After restarting the service, the DSConfiguration.ini file will be created automatically. You can make a backup of the DSConfiguration.ini file first before restarting.
  5. If you are using IE, you may also need to:
    • Add your site to trusted sites (Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Security tab -> Trusted Sites).
    • Navigate to Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Security tab -> Custom Level -> Miscellaneous -> Enable Access data sources across domains and click OK, as shown below. Then restart your browser.
To test if the service is correctly running, You can access (or, (or in the browser and see if Dynamsoft Service status is normal.

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, please feel free to contact our support team at support[at] and please give as many details as you can about the issue and any screenshots you can provide could help pinpoint the issue.

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23rd of April, 2017

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