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How to use Dynamic .NET TWAIN in Visual Studio?

For Dynamic .NET TWAIN v6.x and lower versions only, for V7.x+ please refer to

After you install Dynamic .NET TWAIN (download free trial), you can follow the steps below to use DNT:

1. Launch VS.

2. Create a new Windows Forms Application (C# or VB.NET) or open an existing one.

3. Go to menu Tools->Choose Toolbox Items->.NET Framework Component, click Browse to navigate to "DynamicDotNetTWAIN.dll" in the installation folder of Dynamic .NET TWAIN. Then you will see DynamicDotNetTwain in the components list. Click OK.

Note: If you are developing a WPF app, please add the DynamicDotNetTWAIN.Wpf.dll through Choose Toolbox Items->WPF Components.

4. In Toolbox (you can open it under View menu), you will now see DynamicDotNetTwain under Common Controls.

5. Drag & drop DynamicDotNetTwain from Toolbox to your form. And you will see DynamicDotNetTWAIN appear under References in Solution Explorer.

6. Then you can call the methods of DNT.

For example, you can use the following code to select a scanner and acquire image:

private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

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4th of March, 2015

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