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How to move SourceAnywhere client to a new machine without losing the setting info?

To keep the configuration info of SourceAnywhere Client, please follow the steps below:

  1. To keep the working folder info, please backup the C:\Documents and Settings\{User}\Application Data\Dynamsoft\Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere folder.

    If the SourceAnywhere server has also been moved to a new machine, please update the .SV filesĀ filename in accordance to the new server name/port info. The .SV filesĀ are named with server name_port_repository_user name format. Take demo.dynamsoft.com_7777_Default_admin.SV for example, "" is the server name, "7777" is the port number, "Default" is the current repository and "admin" is the user name.

  2. To keep the Option configuration info in SourceAnywhere Client, please backup the "Explorer" folder under "Registry Editor -> HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Dynamsoft -> SourceAnywhere -> Explorer".

  3. Install SourceAnywhere Client on the new machine.

  4. Copy the "Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere" and "Explorer" folders, and then replace the corresponding folders on the new machine.

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17th of January, 2009

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