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How to migrate from SourceSafe to SourceAnywhere Hosted?

We provide a VSS Import Tool which enables you to completely migrate from Visual SourceSafe to SourceAnywhere Hosted without losing any history data. The data importing is implemented on Dynamsoft server side by our System Administrator.

To get a smooth migration, we recommend you upgrade your SourceSafe to 6.0d or above.

Please follow the guidances below before migration:

1. Backup your VSS databases.

2. Simplify your SourceSafe databases.

3. Archive your VSS database. The archive will write to a *.ssa file in the directory you specify.

Three steps to migrate your VSS databases (*.ssa files):

  • Upload your databases (*.ssa files) to our FTP server. Please contact to get a FTP account for uploading.

  • If you don't have a SourceAnywhere Hosted account, please sign up for a 30-day free trial plan first at the link below:

  • Send us ( your account ID (i.e. Organization ID) and other requirements if any, such as

    A. Repository names and project structure.

    B. Available migration time if your SourceAnywhere account is not brand new.
    NOTE: during the data importing, you need to pause using you SourceAnywhere Hosted account.

Please NOTE that a little fee is applied for this service. Please contact and include the following information in your email:
(1). How many .ssa files do you have?
(2). The total size of the .ssa files.
(3). How soon would you expect to use the databases in SourceAnywhere Hosted?

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21st of March, 2012

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