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  1. questionHow to make the structure of a Visual Studio project created in SourceAnywhere Standalone the same as the structure in my local disk?
    Symptom: When you add a solution to SourceAnywhere Standalone via Visual Studio, the project structure created in SourceAnywhere Standalone is different from the structure in your local disk. For instance, when you add a project which is located at c:\Project2005\Project1 to SourceAnywhere Host ...
  2. questionHow to use SourceAnywhere Standalone with PowerBuilder?
    SourceAnywhere Standalone supports integration with PowerBuilder. Please follow the steps blow to use SourceAnywhere Standalone with PowerBuilder: 1.Create a new workspace and add some files in PowerBuilder. 2.Right-click the Workspace object in the System Tree and click Properties. 3.Go to Sou ...
  3. questionHow to source control stored procedures?
    To bind a database project to version control, please follow the steps below: 1. In Visual Studio 2005/2008, click menu File->New->Project. Choose "Other Project Types"->"Database"->"Database Project" and type in your server connection info. 2. Use Server Explorer to connect to your ...
  4. questionDoes SourceAnywhere Standalone Visual Studio IDE Client support offline modification?
    Yes. SourceAnywhere Standalone Visual Studio IDE Client does support offline modification. When reconnecting to SAW Standalone Server, Visual Studio will check out the items that were modified while disconnected. Click Continue to check out the file. In the following dialog box, select the Lea ...
  5. questionError Message: Unable to map local file <file path> to source control server project path.
    Symptom: When you try adding a file to source control, you may receive the following error dialog: Cause: When you add file A to source control, SourceAnywhere Standalone gets the file server path based on the local relative path of file A to the project file. So, if file A is too far from the ...
  6. questionError Message: The line endings in the following file are not consistent.
    Symptom: When you load a file in Visual Studio 2008, the following dialog box may prompt: Cause: This dialog box is not from SourceAnywhere Standalone. It is a Visual Studio warning. It occurs when the file you are loading contains a mix of Windows standard and non-standard line-endings. Reso ...
  7. questionDoes SourceAnywhere Standalone work with Visual Studio Express Editions?
    Currently no, because Visual Studio Express Editions do not support the source control integration feature.
  8. questionHow to set the default behavior of file on editing In Visual Studio?
    You can set the behavior in Visual Studio menu Tools->Options->Source Control->Environment->On Edit dropdown list.
  9. questionI cannot find the Source Control node in the Options dialog box of Visual Studio 2008.
    To show the Source Control node, please try checking the Show all settings option in the lower left-hand corner in the Visual Studio->Tools->Options dialog box.
  10. questionHow to share files using SourceAnywhere Standalone in FoxPro?
    SourceAnywhere Standalone MSSCCI client does not have share feature. However, you can share files via SourceAnywhere Standalone client for workaround. For example, you have 2 FoxPro projects, and you want to share program3.prg file in share project to foxpro project . Here are the steps you may ...
  11. questionHow does SourceAnywhere Standalone work with FoxPro?
    After you add a project to SourceAnywhere Standalone via FoxPro, a .pjm file will be generated in the local project folder. Based on the information in the .pjm file, the integration generates local copies of the .pjx file and .pjt file for each user. When you add/delete a file in the project , ...
  12. questionHow to add a FoxPro project to source control of SourceAnywhere Standalone?
    To add a project to source control of SourceAnywhere Standalone, please follow the steps below: Open the project in FoxPro. Select Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Standalone as the active source control provider in the Tools->Options->Projects tab. To set SourceAnywhere Standalone as the defau ...
  13. questionHow to get a FoxPro project under source control of SourceAnywhere Standalone to local?
    If User A has added a FoxPro project to SourceAnywhere Standalone, User B can follow the steps below to get the project to local: In SourceAnywhere Standalone client, get the .pjm file to the local folder. In FoxPro, get the project to local by clicking File->Join Source Control Project. ...
  14. questionCan SourceAnywhere Standalone be integrated with Microsoft Expression Blend 2.5?
    Currently SourceAnywhere Standalone doesn’t work with Microsoft Expression Blend. For now Expression Blend does not support MSSCCI, so it cannot be integrated with any MSSCCI-based source control system.
  15. questionHow to toggle among different source control solutions?
    It depends on the IDE you are using. For the IDEs which read SCC info from the registry table (under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>> Software>> SourceCodeControlProvider), such as Visual Studio 6.0/2003, you can use SCC Provider Manager. It can be launched from the SourceAnywhere Standalone C ...
  16. questionWhich IDE integrations does SourceAnywhere Standaloe support?
    Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Standalone supports all MSSCCI (Microsoft Source Code Control Interface) compatible IDE integrations, such as Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, IBM Rational and Borland Delphi. SourceAnywhere Standalone also provides Eclipse plug-in and Macromedia St ...
  17. questionIs there a SourceAnywhere Standalone plug-in for IBM ClearQuest?
    Currently no.
  18. questionHow to integrate SourceAnywhere Standalone with Dreamweaver?
    For information on how to integrate SourceAnywhere Standalone with Dreamweaver, please click here.
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