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  1. questionHow to use Visual Diff/Merge feature in Mac client of SourceAnywhere Hosted?
    We do have Visual Diff/Merge features in Mac client of SourceAnywhere Hosted. To make it work, please follow the steps below: Go to Flex Builder Window| Preferences| Team| Dynamsoft SAW Hosted Options| External Program. In Application for merge, specify the path of MergeHero.jar. The default l ...
  2. questionCan SourceAnywhere Hosted diff/merge binary files?
    The default Diff/Merge tool of SourceAnywhere Hosted, MergeHero, cannot handle binary files with comparing/merging. However, SourceAnywhere Hosted allows you to configure external programs for Diff/Merge. You can configure SourceAnywhere Hosted with a tool that can handle binary files at menu T ...
  3. questionError message: The total number of files to check out exceeds the maximum allowed number.
    Symptoms: When you check out files/projects from SourceAnywhere Hosted, you may get the following message: The total number of files to check out exceeds the maximum allowed number. Cause: In SourceAnywhere Hosted, we set a limitation on the file count on a Check Out operation. Resolution: You c ...
  4. questionCan I run SourceAnywhere Hosted Client on Linux or Mac?
    Yes. In addition to the standard Windows client, SourceAnywhere Hosted comes with a Java client and can run on any platform that SWT (Standard Widget Toolkit) supports, such as Linux, MAC and Solaris, etc. You can download the Java GUI Client from: ...