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  1. questionWhat programming languages can Dynamic Web TWAIN work with?
    Dynamic Web TWAIN can be used in any COM-enlightened program language, such as C#, VB.NET, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, HTML/VBScript/JavaScript, PowerBuilder and so on. Currently, we provide sample code of Dynamic Web TWAIN in ASP, VB.NET, C#, PHP+Apache and JSP+Tomcat. Please click here ...
  2. questionDoes Dynamic Web TWAIN support Firefox?
    Yes. Dynamic Web TWAIN Plug-in Edition is compatible with Firefox. Click here to get more information on how to use Dynamic Web TWAIN Plug-in. References: To download Dynamic Web TWAIN Plug-in, please go to: Plug-in Download
  3. questionHow can I know the size of memory used by Dynamic Web TWAIN?
    Dynamic Web TWAIN stores the scanned images in DIB format in the physical memory (as part of the memory occupied by the browser). You can use the method GetSelectedImagesSize to get the total size that the scanned images have occupied. Below is a code snippet for your reference: Code (Javascrip ...
  4. questionDoes Dynamic Web TWAIN support Database?
    [Deprecated] Yes. Dynamic Web TWAIN is able to save image files to the file system and Database. Currently, we provide SaveToDB samples in ASP, VB.NET, C#, PHP+Apache and JSP+Tomcat. Click here to get these samples.