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  1. questionHow to turn off DEP?
    With DEP on, there may be some problem when using Dynamic Web TWAIN on Windows Vista/7/2008. And you can choose one of the following ways to turn off DEP: Option 1: Run Command Prompt as administrator. In the command prompt, type bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff and press Enter. You sh ...
  2. questionHow to work with SSL?
    You can use Dynamic Web TWAIN's IfSSL property. The following JavaScript Sample shows how to use IfSSL property. Code(Javascript): function btnUpload_onclick() { if (window.location.protocol != "https:"){ DWObject.HTTPPort = 80; DWObject.IfSSL = false; // if 80 is the port number of non-secure ...
  3. questionError message: The server returned an invalid or unrecognized response
    Symptom: When you upload a image in Dynamic Web TWAIN's buffer with SSL, you may get the following error message returned by the ErrorString property: Cause: 1. The code is not written correctly. 2. SSL is not configured properly. 3. Some packets on the network were corrupt. Resolution: Please ...
  4. questionError message: An error occurred in the secure channel support
    Symptom: When you upload the image in Dynamic Web TWAIN's buffer using SSL, you may receive the following error message: Cause: The problem may occur when any of the following items exist: 1. SSL is not working. 2. The code is not written properly. Resolution: 1. Please make sure that SSL is ...
  5. questionError message: Unable to create temporary Storage
    Symptom: When creating a LPK file using Lpk_tool.exe in Windows Vista, you may get the following error message: Cause: You don't have the permission to create a LPK file. Solution: To create a LPK file in Windows Vista, please right click Lpk_tool.exe and run the EXE file as administrator.
  6. questionError message: <Project Name> has stopped working
    Symptom: When running a TWAIN EXE file in Windows Vista/7, you may get the following error message: Cause: The EXE file is blocked by the DEP (Data Execution Prevention) protection. DEP is a security feature in Microsoft Windows OS. Solution: Please turn off DEP for the EXE file. For informatio ...